Mother’s Day (again)

Mother’s day is Sunday. As if you needed a reminder. I have, lucky me, been reminded by red envelope,, david yurman, crate and barrel, nordstroms and scores of other retailers.

Thanks guys (and girls). I am well aware.

I guess the message is “Hey mommy, you are supposed to get flowers, and jewelry, and fancy pants gifts on this day because you are a mother.”

Ok, thanks. But I beg to differ. I think the gift of motherhood happens every day, all year. It is a blessing and a privilege.

It is about raising, and having a life  you created that means more than anything. Anything. And about navigating the challenges, celebrating the victories. Those are the real gifts we get as mothers. Red Envelope and David Yurman aside.

People ask me all the time how I “do” it and I always am stumped for an answer. How do I “do” it?

I usually just answer “Because I am his mother.”

I don’t think Mother’s Day is about me. It is about him. The way he looks to me, laughs with me, loves me.

Sorry and Mr. Yurman. That is all the gift I need.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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2 responses to “Mother’s Day (again)

  1. Denise DiSpena


  2. Bonnie

    Kerry, My niece recently had a baby that is facing a lifetime of obstacles. Thanks for always bringing what is important back to the top of mind.

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